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The Video Genius provides creative video production
in charlotte nc at prices that can’t be beat. Check out
samples of our work. We're confident you'll appreciate
the quality.

Charlotte Video Production

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Video Production Charlotte NC

The Video Genius provides cinematography grade Video Production Charlotte NC for businesses. We specialize in marketing, corporate video production, and online promo videos most commonly used for engagement, awareness and conversion. A few things that really make us stand out as a top video production company in charlotte is that is we deliver more, higher-quality work than we were paid for, everytime. We do this because we believe that our success is measured by our client’s success, which translates into the value of our product. Send us a quick message about your video and we’ll get you a proposal back immediately.

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Samples of our Charlotte Video Production

Charlotte TV Commercial

Charlotte TV Commercial

We were hired by The Trotland Group to edit this year’s McGladrey Classic PGA tour commercial.
kasey kahne

Runner’s World – Kasey Kahne

Runner’s World – Kasey Kahne Shoot we did for a Runner’s World spot on nascar driv
corporate profile video

Corporate Portfolio Video

Corporate Profile Video This corporate profile video was created for Anderson Group America. They ar
kelsey's story

American Pit Bull Foundation – Kelsey’s Story

Kelsey is a 10 month old female puppy pit-bull. She was found by Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care a

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  • You know you need a video to promote your product or service but you don't know exactly what you want or need. No problem because that's what we do.

    Just tell us what the end goal of the video is; increase revenue? raise awareness? increase traffic? engage your customers?

    Whatever your goal may be, we'll help you; brainstorm, develop concepts, write a script, make revisions, storyboard it, make a shot list, find locations, cast the talent, and even checking the weather forecast.

    We can do any combination of those tasks for you, or none if you've got it all figured out. Even if you have everything ready to go, we'd still be happy to take a look at your script and provide suggestions.

    We promise we'll deliver fantastic, creatively, professional ideas because not only is it our passion but we also enjoy getting paid!

  • If you decided to hire The Video Genius then close, your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax, because we take care of everything.

    We bring all the equipment needed to film your video at the highest possible quality. Multiple cameras, lights, mics, lavs, dolly, laptops, teleprompter etc. If you need it, we'll bring it.

    We shoot on Canon DSLR cameras, both the 5D and 7D, which give us incredible depth of field in 1080p HD.

    It's completely digital so if your project doesn't require editing we can transfer the footage to your computer or hard drive right after we shoot it.

    There's nothing we can't handle and when we get to the shoot it's go time.

  • Great quality footage doesn't mean much when it isn't edited properly. Editing can make good footage look bad or bad footage look good. At The Video Genius we like to make great footage look incredible.

    We have experienced editors that will take your project's raw footage and turn it into a compelling story that will captivate your viewers.

    Along with professional editing we also offer custom motion graphics to help relay your message to the viewers, special effects to add production value, and color grading to give your video that cool, custom look.

    If you're wondering whether or not we can do a certain style or effect you're looking for... you can stop wondering now because we definitely can. If you've seen it or can imagine it, we can do it.

  • Need your video on 5 DVDs? Or 500? Also need it to be formatted for youtube, vimeo, and flash? No problem.

    No matter what format you need to distribute your video in we will encode it and deliver it in the proper format and it's free with your video.

    If you need the a DVD duplicated we can take care of that for you for a very competitive rate.

    If you're not sure what format you need or even how you should distribute it, no problem, let us consult for you and we'll make suggestions based on our experience.

Video Specialties

  • Corporate Video Production

    Corporate Video Production is any video created for a business. In this day and age that usually means online video to increase customer conversion rates, which is our specialty at The Video Genius.

    Having videos on your website is the absolute best way to engage a large quantity of consumers. People spend 10x longer on a website with video and are twice as likely to buy.

    At The Video Genius we create your videos based on strategies to achieve your ultimate goals.

    We also do all other types of corporate video such as training videos, product demos etc.

  • Music Videos

    We are one of the top companies in Charlotte for music video production. You can come to us with just your song, and we'll do everything needed to deliver a stylized music video that will enhance your brand. You'll be able to shape the video every step of the way or just step back and let us do our thing. Everyone we produce is twice as good as the one before and we're 100% scalable so whether you want a simple video or one that will rock out mtv we can do it together. Check out the music videos we've produced in our portfolio.
  • TV Commercials

    We're ready to design and produce your tv commercial today. Not only do we deliver amazing quality products, but we specialize in developing the concept as well.
  • Online Promo

    Online promos are any video produced for online distribution, whether it be through your website, youtube, or both. We can even distribute it to 20 different video sites for you. Online video is such a powerful and cost effective way to engage and convert anyone in the world. Let us help you connect with your customer base. 80% of the work we do on a day to day basis is online promo videos. They're cheap and statically proven to be more effective than anything else on the web. Contact us today about your online promo video.
  • Product Demos

    Customers are obviously more likely to buy your product when they can see a video of it. We'll make your product look incredible on camera so you can get the sales you deserve. We know the best way to demonstrate your product so that viewers understand how great it really is. We'd love to find out more about your product and discuss what we can offer you.

Video Production Charlotte NC

I know it sounds awkward to hear the phrase video production charlotte nc but we use it often because that's what our clients are searching. They aren't typing video production in charlotte nc nearly as much although that is much easier to work into your copy. Even though google will still return a site with both phrases, they rank higher obviously for the exact search term, which is why we use the term video production charlotte nc frequently. It's not trickery, we have a really high conversion rate because if you are looking for video production charlotte nc then we're the company you want to work with. If you need to hire a voice over artist then I suggest Bryan Saint.