Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing Tips

These online video marketing tips are the same methods and strategies that I learned early on. First of all you will need to invest in some equipment. Since its video marketing I suggest you buy a dslr like the Canon t2i or t3i if you want to do higher end videos. If you’re not much of a techy or just want to put out content quickly I recommend getting something along the lines of a flip camera or gopro.

Video Marketing Tips For improving your videos

Video Location

Find a nice place to record your videos, I have seen so many people trying to create Hollywood videos outside with all these special effects and they look terrible. Keep it simple. Find a picturesque place in your house or office that is well lit and bright, nice clean background without a lot¬†of distractions in the background although if your passionate enough and knowledgeable enough in your videos the background setting doesn’t always matter.


Creating videos outside

If creating a video outside, keep away from noisy areas where you may have a lot of cars passing by and avoid making videos when its really windy. Never shoot a video with the lens facing the sun always have your camera lens facing away from the sun. This was one of the online video marketing tips that a lot of people don’t know about.


What clothes to wear

Avoid wearing pin stripped clothes such a shirts as they can look funny when you record them. They just don’t come out well as they look reflective when lit. Also don’t wear all white or all black. White tends to get overexposed and back tends to blend together.


Movement Myth

Another online video marketing tip which many people say is that you need movement in your videos, this isn’t so true. Much of the videography that I have studied uses 5 second of still camera footage. If you are doing something in a video, lets say assembling some lighting. The video shots that you can shoot other than a static shot are as follows. Record the persons hands for 5 seconds, then record the persons body for another second (exclude the head shot), then record 5 seconds of the full body including the head, record another 5 seconds over the persons shoulder, then record another 5 seconds to the right of the subjects and finally another 5 seconds to the left of the subject.

These are all static clips. The video subject never moved but when recording the subject we moved to take different camera shots. This is a very powerful method and very few are using it for their videos. When you are in the editing process you can put of all these 5 second video clips together.


 Thirds Rule

Another great online video marketing tip is, don’t stand straight in the middle of the picture. Use the rule of thirds to prevent making a boring symmetry video. The rule of thirds basically is dividing your picture into thirds both horizontally and vertically with imaginary lines. This divides your camera screen into 9 separate boxes. Try keep your subject in the left and right imaginary columns. You will need to test this out with your video location to see what background would be good to include or maybe even exclude. A bit of variety to your video can make a big difference.

7 Online Video Marketing Tips For Creating Professional Online Videos








Subject Position

Avoid having a huge gap from the top of the subject’s head to the top of the camera screen. If there is too large a gap it can make the subject look very small compared to its location and it just looks really weird. The technical term for this is simply “dead space”. The one thing to remember is not to shoot too low and then miss the top of the subject’s head, that looks weird too. Leave a gap of about 3-4 inches from the top of the subject’s head to the top of the camera screen.


Be Yourself

The most important online video marketing tip that I can give you is to act natural and be yourself when you’re creating professional online videos. Never try to imitate others or be someone your not. People like to see originality and the real you.


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