Charlotte Video Production

The Video Genius began as a simple website used to showcase the freelance work of Lowell Brillante. The hard work paid off and he was able to build a company from the ground up, learning how to manage a business along the way. We specialize in corporate video production but routinely produce all types of media including promotional videos, music videos, product demos and web sites to name a few. We’ve been able to firmly establish ourselves in the Charlotte market by over-delivering, respecting our clients, and working hard.



Creative Marketing

Today we routinely handle large scale video production, web design and search engine optimization projects. The majority of our work is online marketing videos for corporations. We also do quite a bit of work for large ad agencies on a contract basis. The consistent level of quality and professionalism has enabled us to develop long-standing relationships. Most importantly, our work achieves targeted results which is our primary objective.


charlotte video production

Our Principles

Our success is based around the following principles that we’ve modeled the foundation of our company around and defines who we are and how we work.

  • We don’t deliver low quality work. That fact is due to pride in our product, sincere passion for helping our clients succeed,  as well as a desire for success.
  • We have a strong ambition to be the best. This means we focus a lot of effort into learning and becoming more skilled and elite at our job both providing charlotte video production and working with our clients.
  • We legitimately want our clients to succeed, especially in part because they made a decision to work with us, and we delivered an amazing product.
  • We immediately find out what each clients goal is for the project, then work towards producing a video that will achieve that result. Delivering a working product is very seriously to us because that’s the client’s return on investment.


To summarize

We measure our value through our client’s success. Our goal is to help them achieve their marketing goals through our work, no matter how small or large the project may be. If you’re interested in receiving a custom quote for charlotte video production, we’d be more than happy to provide that to you, please use the contact form or call/email. The contact information is also on the contact page.


If you have any questions or would like a quote, check out our contact page.