Pictures from Meetup Group “Startups at 1627″ – 11/17/11

Picture from Meetup Group Startups at 1627













Hey Everyone,

I got a chance to speak with just a few of you and I was so impressed with the potential of your businesses. I knew they were great because they got me really excited about the possibilities.

I’m starting up my own business as well with another attendee from last night, Scott Jordan. I’m a videographer and editor and he is a web designer and search engine optimizer. We joined forces to offer a full service marketing company. We’re now live at

You can see samples of my work here…  Portfolio


Thank you so much for listening to my little bit. Here’s a link to the photos.

*Instead of right-clicking the photo to save, Click download>download photo  -  that way you’ll get the full high quality image.

Lowell Brillante is a producer, web designer, and search engine optimizer. This Charlotte native graduated from Providence High-School with honors and UNCC with a double-major in mass-media communications and film. Soon after graduation he began contracting for marketing companies and editing films. After cutting award-winning short films, a feature film and documentary, Lowell began producing corporate videos and formed The Video Genius which is now a successful video production company in charlotte nc.

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