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    Corporate Video - Sales Seminar Invitation
Client:Anderson America
Date:September 29, 2012

Corporate Video

Corporate Video – Sales Seminar Invitation

When Anderson America was preparing for a very important dealer seminar they relied upon The Video Genius to produce the corporate video that would deliver. Anderson needed a very high attendance rate in order to familiarize their network of dealers with their new products and policies so they commissioned The Video Genius to create a corporate video that would emphasize the importance without being demanding. The seminar had the highest attendance they’ve ever had and Anderson continues to use The Video Genius for all their corporate video needs.

All in all we’ve done approximately 20 videos for Anderson. They originally hired us to turn their company into a video-centric sales machine and they’ve grown substantially since the inception. Their headquarters are located in Taiwan and we even flew out there for a few weeks to shoot 8 videos in their factory. It was a blast, and they are a fantastic company.


corporate video

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