Client:Gary Frenette, MC, PhD
Date:February 12, 2013

Exercise Benefits in Cancer

The Benefits of Exercise in Patients with Cancer

The exercise benefits in cancer patients is supported by recent data which has shown an increase in survival and decrease in the risk of reoccurence in cancer patients who adopt a modest exercise routine during or after chemotherapy.

This profound data provides the premise of this video. Gary Frenette, MD, PhD hired us to produce a 2-part video documenting a question and answer based discussion between himself and a certified fitness trainer with a degree in exercise science. Dr. Frenette is a medical oncologist here in charlotte with a phenomenal reputation. His initiative in making this video I believe goes a long way in explaining how he got such a great reputation both in the community and online.

This is the full video. The first 30 minutes make up the question and answer discussion. The 2nd half of the video, the certified trainer demonstrates many useful exercises and stretches that patients can utilize in their program.



The total length of the video is 50 minutes so now I’ll post the video broken down into segments for easier navigation.




Very interesting information from Dr. Frenette. I have to say he was easily the best client I’ve ever had. Just a pleasure to work with on all levels.