Music Video Charlotte NC

Music Video Charlotte NC

We produced this Music Video Charlotte NC for a local band by the name of Steel Standing. Since we were doing a full-scale marketing campaign we decided to shoot the footage then hold an editing contest with it. All contestants received the footage, the band’s debut single “Awaken Me” and a plugin for color grading called “Magic Bullet Looks” by one of the companies that sponsored the contest “Red Giant.”

The contest ended up being a huge success with over 75 entries. It was great to connect with the editing community as well as provide massive promotion for the band. 75+ edits of the music video are now all over the internet spreading the band’s music to countries all over the world. If you’re looking to get a music video produced in Charlotte NC, there’s no better place then The Video Genius

The winning cut is posted below. The winner, “Nicolas Grendena” received $2,000 worth of plugins and gift cards from the contest sponsors, “Red Giant” “Noise Industries” and “Videoguys.”

You can checkout the other 75+ entries on the editor’s contest site we built to host the entries…

Not only is this video on pace to hit 100k views in 3 months but think about the amount of people who will see one of the other submitted cuts on facebook, youtube or vimeo? It was nearly impossible to pick the cut to represent this music video charlotte nc because there were so many incredible ones. Not just saying that, check out the contest page, there’s at least 5 that could have easily been the overall winner.

We held the contest for an editing community I created and have been building for several years. The community now had over 12,000 members and they loved the contest. If you’re interested in hiring The Video Genius to create a music video charlotte nc for you we’re definitely interested in hearing from you. If you’re interested in marketing it in a creative way like this let us know that as well. We have unlimited creative and fresh ideas for you to choose from.

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Music Video Charlotte NC