Videography in Charlotte NC – Testimonial Video

Fuel Pizza Testimonial for MenuDrive


The Video Genius provides Videography in Charlotte NC. We shot and edited this video for a company called MenuDrive who’s located in Philadelphia, PA. MenuDrive provides online ordering systems for company’s like Fuel Pizza. Online ordering systems allow customers to order food like pizza from the restaurant’s website. If you’ve ever ordered online from a big company like pizza hut or dominoes then you know what I mean.

Fuel Pizza

MenuDrive hired The Video Genius for our videography in charlotte nc services. Fuel Pizza has recently been implementing MenuDrive’s online ordering system and been seeing some fantastic results with it. We went to Fuel Pizza to do a sit down interview with one of the company’s 3 partners, Zach Current. Zach was a great person to interview, made my job super easy and had glowing things to say about MenuDrive. After the interview I had immediate respect for both MenuDrive and Fuel Pizza. Everything Zach said about MenuDrive was exactly how I want to model my business. They made promises and delivered everytime, they worked with him on nights and weekends, basically went the extra mile to deliver.
videography in charlotte nc


My contact at MenuDrive’s name was Adrian, and he was most likely the best client I’ve ever had for videography in charlotte nc. No offense to any other clients, you’ve all been fantastic in your own ways, but he actually helped me edit. They absolutely loved their rough cut. Once they had a chance to make notes, he wanted to review them with me. Since he was located in Philadelphia PA we couldn’t meet in person.  We decided to connect via teamviewer. Teamviewer is a free program that let’s people share screens, video chat etc. So I pulled up the edit and shared my screen with him. He was a filmmaker at one time so we had a great time nerding out. At some points he even took over the mouse and made some of the edits himself!

Custom Work

The timelapse at the beginning of the video I actually shot myself. A lot of times people buy those as stock footage online. This one was shot at 5:30am approximately on Johnson C Smith University’s football field. Where there is a really nice view of uptown Charlotte. Another part of the video I created custom is the ending MenuDrive graphic. Timelapses are just a bunch of pictures, same as video technically but we actually take a bunch a pictures for timelapses. Here’s one of the pics I took for a timelapse I shot for this video but ended up not using (looks great but had issues with flickering).

videography in charlotte nc

The Telly Awards

MenuDrive loved the video so much they’re even submitting to the Telly Awards. The Telly Awards are basically the Oscars for video production. Although not quite as big a deal. Still a great honor though and I was very happy they appreciated my work.


I have nothing but great things to say about Adrian and MenuDrive as well as Zach and Fuel Pizza and look forward to working with them again in the future. If you’re interested in Videography in Charlotte NC, feel free to contact us via the contact form, we’ll get back to you right away.