The Power of WordPress for your Business

The Power of WordPress for your Business

wordpress for your business

By now you’ve probably at least heard of wordpress. If you’re not familiar with it, wordpress is the most popular content management system in the world. Basically it’s a system for building websites with a graphical backend interface so you can build build sites without writing a line of code. This article briefly explains what exactly is, the power of wordpress for your business.

(The image below is a screenshot I took while writing this article)

power of wordpress for your business


WordPress is Completely Open-Source

What this means is anyone can modify, distribute or add on to the code. The core of wordpress is maintained by the founding company but there is a massive amount of 3rd party development in the way of plugins and themes that extend the functionality of your site in every way imaginable.



Plugins can do anything from creating forums to facebook integration to e-commerce and more. Much more. Actually infinite more. For instance I use a plugin called wordpress seo for every page or post I create. It checks my content as I’m writing it and makes sure it’s correctly optimized for search engines. I also have plugins for analytics, contact forms, sitemaps, fonts etc.

(Image below shows what the seo plugin I use looks like)

wordpress seo plugin yoast



Themes control the style and layout of your site. With 2 clicks you can install a beautifully designed template for your content. If you’re interested to know what I mean, for one this site is built on wordpress. Here’s a link to a demo of this wordpress theme. The marketplace I bought it from is themeforest.

(Image below is from my theme’s demo site. The image shown is what a post like this looks like on the demo)

modernize demo wordpress for your business



A major part of the power of wordpress is extendability. It gives new users the ability to create nice sites without much skill but as you advance your knowledge you’ll be able to access a world of endless possibilities. This means that you can build a site that has any kind of custom functionality ie social network, marketplace, reviews etc.


Content is King

Maybe the most important reason why wordpress is so powerful for your small business is it’s search engine friendliness. WordPress was originally just for blogging, so at it’s core is the “post.” How does this relate to search engine optimization? Google has made massive changes to their algorithm making fresh content count so much more than it use to in an effort to return the most current and relevant search results. In a nutshell, “content is king.” Blogging is pretty much the definition of fresh content and consistently writing blog posts is the best way for any local business to generate traffic, establish themselves as experts in their field, connect with their customers and most importantly increase their google rank for their targeted keywords.


Heard of Google?

I don’t have to remind you I’m sure but I will anyway, everyone searches the web for everything nowadays, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. You may be doing ok with your existing methods of lead generation but if you’re not on the first page of a google search results page for your ideal keyword(s) then in most cases you are missing out on a lot of business. We all know 80% of people never click past the first page of a google search.


The Best things in Life are…

WordPress is completely free. Premium plugins and themes cost money but there are plenty of free ones out there for you to use. 


WordPress for your Business Recap

  • Easy to Use
  • Completely Extendable
  • Tons of Development (plugins, themes)
  • Google loves it
  • FREE


Final Thoughts

If you’re just starting out, I suggest hiring someone to build you a wordpress site, then have them spend a day or two showing you how to update it. Then you can have the benefit of a nice site and learn at the same time. You’ll be able to start posting your own content from day one, it will take a little longer to do some more advanced things, but really not much. Unless you’re building a site like facebook or instagram or some sort of extreme advanced complexity, wordpress is most likely the best solution for your company’s site. 

Even if the site is more than informational. WordPress is built on php, so like I mentioned earlier it can be modified with any functionality. The cool part is the plugins available make it so you can most likely implement that functionality with a few clicks.

Lowell Brillante is a producer, web designer, and search engine optimizer. This Charlotte native graduated from Providence High-School with honors and UNCC with a double-major in mass-media communications and film. Soon after graduation he began contracting for marketing companies and editing films. After cutting award-winning short films, a feature film and documentary, Lowell began producing corporate videos and formed The Video Genius which is now a successful video production company in charlotte nc.

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