Our Video Production Process

If you’re considering hiring us, the information that follows will explain what you could expect.

I want to state up front that we are willing and able to accommodate our client’s individual and custom needs in any way that we can. So if some part of this doesn’t make sense or sit right, please let us know and we’ll figure out a solution.



Our video production process is fairly typical as far as video production goes however what makes us special is our willingness to accommodate our client’s needs in every way possible and our desire to improve everything we can. We want to deliver not just an amazing product but a pleasant experience as well. We know our success is based not only on the quality we can deliver but also how we treat our clients..


Let’s Get Started

When you hire us, we step in and accomplish your objectives. We do everything from managing the whole project from start to finish to simply shooting or editing based. Most often we work alongside the client to deliver a product that meets their goals. Often times clients will come to us with nothing more than an objective. If that’s your case don’t worry it’s completely normal and something we’re more than qualified to help you develop. We can even complete it ourselves while you oversee our work.


If you know Exactly What you Want

Even if you know specifically what you want, we always provide high-caliber recommendations and suggestions for your project based on our knowledge and experience. Here’s a few examples listed below that we tell people frequently….

  • The information in this video should be interview driven
  • Try not to wear solid black solid white
  • The trick is to light the green screen evenly for a smooth key
  • Don’t talk directly to the camera, most of the time it’s more natural to the viewer if you address someone right next to the camera who’s also prompting you with the questions
  • It’s almost always critical to have the subject repeat the question in their answer. Answers to unknown questions mean nothing.

To put it simply, we’re passionate about what we do and enjoy using our knowledge and skills to help generate business for anyone who’s interested in learning.


Key Point

Although our capabilities extend from development to delivery, we can fill any number of roles. We don’t have to run the show every time. We’re used to working in a team environment. That’s an important point about working with us so keep it in mind when reading about our process.


Developing the Concept

When you hire us we begin by making sure the concept is fully developed and make sure you have our suggestions regarding the best and most cost effective way to produce, if not we work with you to complete any missing components. Preparation is critical for successful video production. Once the concept and method is set, we make sure everything necessary is organized and scheduled to complete the project. This typically consists of locations, talent, voice-over etc.  but it could include anything. Next up is the actual production….


What’s the Client’s Role?

We handle everything, you can be as involved as you deem necessary and you’ll have as much control as you want. Typically clients function as “management.” Overseeing our work and providing feedback where necessary. Shoots are hard work because our team has to hustle constantly in order to get everything needed in the time allotted. We take this very seriously, however our atmosphere is always light and fun. The shoot(s) will be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


After the Shoot

Once production is complete the raw footage is backed up to a raid array where it’s redundantly stored for editing. A copy of the raw footage will be provided to you upon request. Although it’s not usually necessary because we go into the edit knowing exactly what you want.



At this point post-production begins. I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of editing, which is the primary task at this point, however with our expanded capabilities, that can mean so much more than the basic assembling of clips. Motion graphics, color grading, effects, transitions, music, and sound fx are components of post-production that we facilitate every single day. The extent of this is usually agreed upon before production begins so you’ll know what to expect from this part of the process. Keep in mind there are no limits to what we can do so if you have an idea, don’t hesitate to make it known, even at this point in the process. We’re open to suggestions and will readily supply you with creative feedback. You’re the boss, but you won’t be making decisions uninformed. 


Completing the Project

There are 2 revisions before we deliver the final product. Each time we deliver a cut to you, you’ll put together a list of changes you want made. The first revision is for larger changes. The 2nd is for smaller ones. Once the final revisions are made we render out the project into every form/medium you request ie youtube, dvd, ipad, iphone etc. We can deliver a copy for any possible device, and this is included in every one of our contracts. Along with the final product you’ll receive all the raw footage and project files we created in the making of your product. This is critical if you ever want to make a change or update the product. It gives you ultimate control over everything that we created. Our contract gives you legal rights to everthing we create in the making of your project. It’s legally yours, you own it and we have no claim to it other than showcasing the extent of our work to future clients. (If there’s a reason why we should not display your video in our portfolio we can make an amendment to the contract, no questions asked).



We delivery digital copies of the final product to you online, via a dropbox link for download. DVD’s are dropped off to your location or mailed per your request, and we can transfer the raw footage and all the other files created in the making onto a hard drive for you.




We take a 50% deposit up front when we sign the agreement. The deposit guarantees we won’t schedule anything else during your production dates. The remaining 50% isn’t due til the project is complete and once that payment is made, you legally own the rights to the footage, final video and any other work we create in the making of your video.  Of course we’ll be available if you ever need to make a change or update the video. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with everything and use us for your future projects. If you do have an issue, we’ll do everything in our power to rectify it. Above all we want the product to accomplish your goals and to facilitate an overall simple and pleasant experience for you, the client.



If you have any questions about our process, or need any custom terms, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll do everything in our power to work out an agreement that’s fair for both parties. 

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