People aren’t just surfing from their home
computer anymore. In fact, 40% of online
traffic is from mobile phones. We build all
our sites to be responsive, meaning they
will always look great, on every device.

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Web Design Charlotte NC

We’ve been doing custom Web Design Charlotte NC for years but only recently started offering it as we expand into a more traditional marketing company. We specialize in wordpress development but can build or modify your site in any language necessary. We also offer Video Production Services in Charlotte which go hand in hand with your website and overall online marketing strategy.

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Web Design charlotte nc

Web Development

We can design a site with any functionality needed. We’re talented designers but we’re serious coders as well. We can build your site the way you want it.

wordpress charlotte nc


WordPress is a content management system, which means it has a graphical backend interface that’s easy to update. No more unnecessary maintenance fees.

mobile web design charlotte nc

Responsive Design

A responsive website is one that resizes based on the dimensions of the device that it’s being viewed on. That means your site will look great on every device.

E-Commerce web design charlotte nc


It’s no longer very expensive to integrate e-commerce functionality into your site. We can scale your online store to fit your business with room to grow.

Web Analytics Charlotte NC

Web Analytics

In order to run your online business you need to know precise statistics on how many people are visiting it. Our custom analytics provide that information.

E-Mail Marketing Charlotte

Email Marketing

Email is still a great way to communicate with your customer base. We can build you a custom, graphical, email marketing campaign to engage with your customers.

Social Media Marketing Charlotte NC

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a serious factor for every business. Although easy to navigate, designing a working strategy is not so simple. We’ll make social media work for your business.

Branding Services Charlotte NC

Branding Services

Starting a new company or just need to modernize your image? We have the tools, skill and creative know how to brand your company from the ground up starting with the logo.

Conversion Optimization Charlotte NC

Conversion Optimization

A great looking website doesn’t do much if it doesn’t generate leads or make sales. We can optimize your site to drive business and generate results with analytics to measure.

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Why WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that powers more than 20% of the web. It’s the most popular cms for a reason. It provides clients with an easy to use graphical backend so there’s no messy coding needed to update the site once built. Although it’s graphically very easy for a client to maintain, it’s built with php which is a powerful server side scripting language. This means that it’s very extendable so we can code any functionality imaginable into your site. With the use of custom post types, wordpress allows us to customize the input and output of the backend so we can make your interaction with the site as simple yet precise as you want. Since wordpress is an open-source framework, if you decided to bring your site to another devloper, you never have to worry about them having an issue with the code. It’s user-friendly and extremely extensible which is exactly why it powers more websites than any other method. Not just little sites either, large sites too. My favorite example is Mashable but there are many more.

Online Marketing Strategy

As you know, a functional, stylish website that mirrors your companies brand is an essential component to your overall marketing strategy. At The Video Genius we are building our company to be more involved then just the web geeks, video guys or seo nerds. Don’t get me wrong we love being geeks, but we’re also creative, professional and driven. We can provide any individual or combination of these services but our desire is to be part of, or all of, your marketing team. As the team leader, you provide direction and goals, while we provide insight from our collective experience and results. You can be exactly as involved as you want or need to be. We love getting our hands dirty with some php code, after effects and press releases, but we can also provide value by helping you design your marketing strategy and manage your campaign.


Thanks for checking out the services we offer for Web Design Charlotte NC and don’t hesitate to check out our Charlotte Video Production Services and Contact The Video Genius for any questions and a custom quote soon as you’re ready!